About UBCC

Member Owned & Operated

The member-owned and operated Union Bay Community Club and Recreation Association has provided Union Bay a social hub for over sixty years. The community hall and its grounds are used for public and personal gatherings, community events, community activities, and group meetings. The club’s Boat Ramp Committee manages the Union Bay Boat Launch across the highway from the landmark Union Bay Post Office and mows the Union Bay Frontage Road boulevard.

This is your Community Club. Membership fees, rental charges, activity fees, and events income, along with your volunteered time keeps the Community Club viable year after year.

Participate, support, and improve the Union Bay Community Club.

UBCC Membership

Annual membership fees are $10 per adult, $5 per child, and $25 per family.

The 2019/2020 Board of Directors

  • Darcy Rainey, President
  • Treasure Ducharme, Vice President
  • Anne Carroll, Treasurer
  • Brenda Bitten, Secretary
  • Laura Agnew, Director
  • Paul Baal, Director
  • Leanne Baird, Director
  • Dave Davidson, Director
  • Donna McKay, Director
  • Jody McKay, Director
  • Travis Mepham, Director
  • Gloria Royer, Director
  • Rick Weaver, Director

Our Programs

Annual Events

Each year the club hosts a range of events including the Spring, Fall, and Christmas Craft Fairs; the March Flea Market; the Annual Fall Supper; the Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast; and Bay Day celebration.


Ongoing activities ranging from aerobics to crib are available throughout the week. All activities require a Community Club membership and a small fee for each session.

Hall Rentals

The community hall is available to everyone, not only used for community events and special interest gatherings, but also to rent for your own personal celebrations.