UBCC Activities

All activities require a Community Club membership and there will be a small charge per session.

Have new activity ideas? We would love to hear them! Bring them to a board meeting or talk to one of your Board of Directors.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am
Starting October 2nd
Main Hall

Lucie: 250-335-1607


Every Saturday at 7:30pm
Starting October 19th
Bill Wood Room

Karin MacGregor: 250-335-2594


Every second Monday at 1:30pm
Starting October 7th
Kovar Room

Donna McKay: 250-335-2147


Every second Friday at 7:30pm
Starting October 12th
Kovar Room

Mildred Coe: 250-335-2894


Tuesdays 1:30pm to 4pm
Starting September 10th
Main Hall

Janice Foster: 250-335-0686

Line Dancing

Wednesdays 1:30pm
Starting September 25th
Main Hall

Mary Bowen: 250-335-1748

Friendly Port Seniors

Meets as needed at noon
Kovar Room

Mildred Coe: 250-335-2894

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